Our Best Waxing Tips for Silky Summer Skin

With summer rapidly approaching, we can all look forward to throwing on our favorite sundress and heading out to those wonderful blue skies. If you haven’t prepped properly for this in a while, you may be not so secretly fearing that the world doesn’t notice your cactus legs.  Shaving all the time can cause your skin to become red and irritated, so you decide to go get your legs waxed. Here’s some tips to get that confidence that comes with having silky skin.

Pre-wax routine:

  • It is a common misconception in thinking you should trim the hair first, before you wax. Trying to ease the inevitable discomfort of waxing super long hairs will actually make your waxing less effective.  When the hairs are too short, they will break during the waxing process as opposed to coming out at the root as the should.  Optimally, the hair you are taking care of should be 1/8 in. for the best result.
  • Your hormones and mood can determine the amount of pain you feel when waxing. During your period specifically, you can be more sensitive to pain. If you are having trouble sleeping, or if you have been a little cranky lately, you could might also be more sensitive. Even though a lot of women take ibuprofen to dull the waxing experience beforehand, it is not really recommended.
  • Medications such as Accutane and creams that contain Retin A are not compatible with waxing.  Side effects of waxing while using these medications and cause the skin to lift or burns. Consult your doctor to make sure it is safe to go ahead with the procedure.
  • Avoid lots of sun exposure and hot baths/showers for a day or two before waxing as you skin will be extra sensitive for that time period.
  • If you’ve never waxed before, perform a patch test first. Ask your local salon for advice.

Post Wax Routine:

  • To avoid ingrown hairs after waxing, exfoliate three times during the following week.
  • Newly exposed skin is highly photosensitive for 24-48 hours after waxing. Wear your sunscreen!
  • No matter how tempting picking at ingrown hairs can be, don’t mess with them! That includes squeezing, pinching and tweezing! These hairs can become infected and will take longer to heal.
  • Professional waxing treatments typically last around a month; longer if you are fortunate. This may sound like short window, but it is far more convenient than having to shave every day.
  • Waxing works best when repeated. Waxing every month or so keeps the hair follicles from rooting.  Each time you wax, the discomfort of the process should be less severe.

Incorporate This in to Your Post-Wax Routine!

Book a professional appointment:

Make sure to book appointments in advance. The summer months for many salons can be very busy. Knowing what you are looking to do in advance, might help you get your appointment easier.

****Here’s some a guide to the details what each kind of bikini actually is. Trying to figure out the details in a salon can be confusing. Since many women are too shy to ask, here’s a general guide to bikini waxes:
  • Standard Bikini Wax – Hair is removed from the sides of the pant line.
  • Californian Bikini Line – Hair is removed from the sides of the pant line AND above the pant line (think lower abdomen)
  • Brazilian Bikini Line – A thin strip of hair at the front. Hair removed from sides and back.
  • Hollywood Bikini Line – Same as a Brazilian, but with all hair removed.



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