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Getting the Most out of Personal Training Sessions

Getting started with an personal trainer can be wonderfully transformative experience. Learn the secrets to getting the most out your journey!

Are you Gaining Weight, or just Experiencing Belly Bloat?

You eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and a sudden weight gain just happened. You’re freaking out… what’s happening???

Beginner’s Excercise Weight Gain Explained

When you are just beginning a fitness routine, it can be frustrating and really confusing to not see the results that you are expecting… here’s what’s happening.

Physical Fitness Defined – What does it really mean to be fit?

Physical fitness is much more than a broad term for than your weight or your performance at a single exercise. Find out how you stack up!

Conquering Your Workout – Overcoming 6 Common Excuses For Not Hitting the Gym

Excuses are a dime-a-dozen. Here’s 6 ways to overcome them! Did your favorite excuse make our list?

Run Training Compared – Minutes vs. Miles

Training by miles vs. minutes explained. How should I be training… am I training correctly?

Dynamic Vs. Static Stretching

Yes there is more than one type of stretching, and you should know the details!

Are Food Sensitives Hurting Your Workout?

What exactly is the difference between a food sensitivity and an allergy? Learn the difference.